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I’m Alixander year with the SLC Real Estate Agency. And today we’re going to talk about how you can be more fancy.

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3 Tips for how to behave at your next Open House

With that said let’s go ahead and of my three tips today about how you can be more fancy in the real estate market.

The Weekend Means Open Houses

Now that the weekend is tomorrow, and weekends mean open houses. We’re going to be talking about open house tact, and three things that you can do to really stand out in an open house.

Tip #1 – Arrive During Open House Hours

Cute House!

So the first thing I’m going to offer you is simply this: arrive during the time of the Open House. I know it’s super intuitive. Everybody knows that they need to do that. But there are some people who show up 15 minutes early and they’re like, hey, we have a showing in 15 minutes.

We just want to take a look at this house real quick.

Untactful Guests

Guess what guys sometimes the house is just not ready yet. Sometimes the tenants haven’t left. Sometimes the homeowners haven’t left yet. And like any business, if the doors aren’t open for business, you’re not getting in. Likewise if you show up at the end, and the doors are shut and the Open House is over, you’re not getting in. Nothing personal. That’s just the way it goes. So arrivee during the time of the Open House.

Tip #2 – Be Ready to Give Out Your Contact Info or Your Agent’s Info

We keep your information on lock down.

My second tip for you today is: be ready to give out information contact information to the sellers agent. It’s important for the sellers agent be able to represent the home. Well, and for the seller’s agent to be able to describe who came by the house.

This is their contact information.

A Great Listing Agent

Now if you are uncomfortable giving out your contact information… Well then, who’s your agent? You can give over your agent’s contact information, and that will be a pretty good in-between. b

But if you don’t feel comfortable giving out contact information at all. Well, then you’re not going to get into the Open House. It’s really just that simple. At least that’s how I run my open houses. If I don’t get (working) contact information for you or your agent, you’re just not getting in. (I test guests by sending them a survey, and if you can’t show me that survey…)

Sorry. This just isn’t your home (quite yet).

Tip #3 – I Can’t Believe I Have to Say This…

This is gross…

So with that said we’re going to tell you number three: this isn’t your home, do not use the toilet!

Okay, that’s gross.

Unless it’s a huge emergency, just don’t.

Here’s why.

Sometimes the toilets don’t work. Sometimes the toilets are broken. Sometimes the utilities are turned off and guess what happens when you use the toilet and it’s not working… man, I don’t want to even tell you!

That’s just not fun for anybody. So please don’t use the toilet. All right unless it’s an emergency. And even then if you have to use the toilet, please ask the agent if it’s okay to do so.

Wrap Up

Those are my three tips to help you be more fancy during this weekend’s open houses arrive on time during the time. Be ready to give out contact information and be prepared to be reached out to by either your agent or by the agent of the home. And lastly… well, I think we’ve covered that well enough.

So again, thank you guys so much for joining me for another edition of the Salt Lake City Real Estate Agency’s weekday video. I do appreciate you guys. We are a growing audience and I do love every comment, like, share, subscription, and notification clicked. I love all of that. So thank you so much. It really does validate what we’re trying to do around here.

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Thank you so much for your time. Have a great day and see you probably on Monday.

Enjoy your open house.

Be Sure To Look Fancy!