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In yesterday’s video we talked about how a real estate agent makes a CMA and that was really wonderful video to make and if you haven’t checked it out. It will be in the description below. You didn’t share that across all the channels like we normally do it’s a longer video. So please click the link down below.

Prepping your home for sale

With that said, today’s video is a follow-up to that and it’s the top things you need to keep in mind when you’re prepping your home for show. So let’s go ahead and jump right into it.

A picture says a thousand words, and gets a hundred-thousand eyeballs

So think about your pictures. All right. What do you want them to say about your home? This is a really important topic because When Buyers are approaching your home or when other sellers in the neighborhood are looking at your house, they’re going to look at the pictures first and what that’s going to say about you will determine a lot going forward.

What to avoid

So think about it.

Do you want your pictures to say that the home is:

  • dirty?
  • that it’s run down?
  • that its uncared for?
  • that it’s cluttered?
  • and needing TLC?

Because if that’s the way you want to present it… well, then you’re going to want to make sure that you advertise it as such, and that you also make sure that the the pictures show that, and you’re going to need to know that you’re not going to get the top dollar for a property that’s dirty, rundown, uncared for, cluttered, and needing TLC.

What to shoot for

So what do we want the pictures to say?

Well, this is pretty simple. We want it to be clean, and here at the SLC real estate agency, we hire the cleaners for your photos. So don’t worry about that.

We also need it to be well-kept, and that’s not something that I can really fix in a day (snap), but definitely something that you can help us out with by maintaining the lawn or hiring a service to maintain. And if you need to, we can hire a service to come and professionally do the lawn real quick.

You want it to look cared for and cared for it’s a big deal. When you let things slip and slide and you haven’t really maintained the property very well. Well, it’s going to look uncared for, but if you’ve been making sure that things have been nailed where they need to be or if anything has come loose you fixed it…. well that’s going to say a lot about in the pictures.

Uncluttered you wanted to be uncluttered. This is so huge for people when they go into your home for the open house, or for their own personal showings. What they’re going to find is. “Well gosh, if it’s so full of stuff, where do I put my stuff?” Well, if it’s uncluttered and neat and organized, people are going to see themselves in the space, “Oh, that’s where my couch would go. Oh, that’s where my bed would go. Oh, that’s where my office would go.” That’s the way they would imagine it.

And the last thing is you wanted to demonstrate the pride of ownership that you’ve had while owning the home.

So keep those things in mind.

Keeping your buyer in mind

Also, keep this in mind the person who’s going to be purchasing your home. They’re going to be a lot like you, just a couple stages back in life from where you are today.

So go back in time a little bit and think about when you went and purchased the property:

  • Was it vacant?
  • was it occupied?
  • was their furniture in the house, or not? 
  • Did you go to an open house?
  • Was it easy to show?

Think about your experience when you went to purchase the home. We kind of want to recreate this experience for the person who’s going to be purchasing it.

So those are the things to keep in mind when you going to prep your home for sale in today’s Marketplace.

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