Funny and Sad Stories About Taking Possession of Real Estate

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Today is going to be some sad and funny stories about taking possession of the home.

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Funny and sad stories about taking possession of the home.

Taking possession of a home is a fun time.

It’s been a month, or less, of stress and anxiety, excitement and elation, and it’s culminated to the possession of keys. These Keys now give you the right to use the property however you choose (within the bounds of the law, of course)

Now, with that said, some funny things that happened in my career that make me think about possession, and how it’s a delicate process, and should be taken with great care especially during the first 72-96 hours. From my experience, they are the most fraught with danger.

You see it’s a new home. Even if it wasn’t newly built, its new to you. So you don’t know all the problems (even if you have had an inspection). You don’t know all the particulars about the house.

Splish… splash… she was filling a bath

The first story is about one of my earliest clients who was a member of the UTA bus team and she bought the home.

She was in the home for about two days and her niece decided to run a bath.

In running a bath, she ran it up and over the tub and it spilled onto the floor and spilled and spilled and spilled and then sunk into the floor, and then into her basement.

She called me and said, “Hey I’m curious, would the seller be willing to fix this?”

And I had to deliver the bad news that, “Regretfully, you are the owner and you’re responsible for the damage done to your home.”

It was a sad moment for her because she wanted the seller to fix it. And that’s just not how it goes, but that’s not always how it goes.

EWWWwww… that’s disgusting!

My next story is a little bit later down the road.

A lovely couple, she bought the house and he helped her every step of the way to make that decision, and when she bought the house they moved into the house.

That’s when this funny thing happened.

Soon after they took possession, started taking showers and using the bathtub, out on their driveway this large puddle appeared.

Massive puddle. A very gross smelling puddle.

As it turns out the sewage, the plumbing for the main line was not connected correctly during the remodel and as a result it was coming up.

Well, they were the owners of the home and they were nervous about asking the seller to fix it seeing as it was technically the sellers problem (prior to them taking possession).

And the seller fixed it! He had his guys out that day. Dug it up, fix it. It was good.

It was one of those rare instances where the seller takes accountability for their workmanship and their craftsmanship and makes it all good.

When it rains… it floods…

My third story is similar to the two before it, and that they all seem to kind of revolve around water.

The seller had just let go of the home and the buyers, they were not mine, took possession of the home. And that week, a massive rainstorm came through. Probably one of the biggest we’ve had on record here in Utah for a good while, especially for 2019.

That massive rainstorm culminated into water getting in through the windows of the basement and into the house. Flooded the whole basement. And the buyers were very upset (who wouldn’t be?). They asked me and they asked seller, “Did you have any prior knowledge of flooding in this home?”

And I didn’t know that had ever happened and neither did the seller in the three years that they owned it. Never experienced anything like that.

I mean, we do have flash floods that happen here in Utah. When that happens, the seller isn’t going to be responsible for a flash flood. So not necessarily the most funny I guess and not necessarily the most sad…

Take Great Care of Your Home

When you take possession of a home, and it’s now yours, consider in that first week taking it slowly. Watching the weather, thinking about the effects that water or fire or foliage can have on your home.

It’s now yours, and not every time will the seller take great pains to fix damages that they don’t own.

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I like telling stories and I hope you enjoy them, too.

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