Renting VS Buying | Would you like help finding a place to rent in Salt Lake City?

Good morning.

I’m Alixander, real estate agent with City Utah and Realtor with Keller Williams Salt Lake City, here in Sugarhouse.

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So what are we talking about, today?

We’re talking about how I can help you find an apartment or a place to rent.

Are rentals or apartments in Salt Lake City a good option?

You know with the increasing prices that we’re seeing here in Salt Lake City, more and more of my customers start their real estate journey renting. And there’s nothing wrong with that in fact. That’s kind of how we all start.

When you’re just moving in to Utah, you don’t know everything that’s going on here. You don’t know what’s the nice neighborhoods and the bad neighborhoods, and the nice places to live and the bad places to live.

Why go in and sink hundreds of thousands of dollars into a place when you don’t even know about it? So renting is always a fantastic option.

A lot of my customers who are a little bit frustrated by how quickly prices are appreciating here find that renting is a valuable solution to their need for housing.

What kinds of apartments are there to rent in Sugarhouse?

So keeping that in mind, here in Salt Lake City, we’ve had incredible inventory that’s been added in the last two or three years.

Brand new apartment buildings and brand-new. I mean just to name a few:

  • The Liberty Group has built amazing apartments
  • Moda, lovely Apartments all around
  • The Salt Flats was just recently finished, absolutely incredible
  • One of the newest additions, The Morton, just came into town and it’s beautiful.

So there aren’t plenty of apartment options.

What if I am looking for a home in Salt Lake City?

But what if you don’t want an apartment?

Well, we do help some more customers find homes or townhomes or even potentially a duplex to get started in their real estate journey.

Some people don’t like apartment living they like to have a yard for their dog. They like to have a fence to keep their kids in, they like to have the amenities that come with a home.

Well, we can help you find that kind of stuff.

Why would I use a real estate agent to find a rental?

I know, you’re busy.

You work.

There’s a lot going on in your life, and having to:

  • Call listings
  • Find out if this (home) is for rent
  • If this (rental) is still available
  • Having to schedule things (with the owner)

That can take a lot of time out of your work day.

And you don’t get paid to find a place to rent.

That’s what we do, and we have a very affordable pricing model for helping you find your rental here in the future.

So if you take a few minutes and check out our pricing table found on our website, you’ll learn a little bit more about what we can do for you.

Thank you!

Thank you very much for joining me this morning.

I do appreciate it.

It does mean a lot that you’ve subscribed to our YouTube channel, checked out our podcast and read the transcript on our website, and hopefully we can help you start your journey into real estate with real fine place.

I’m Alixander with the Salt Lake City Real Estate Agency broadcasting from KW Salt Lake City Keller Williams.

Have a great day.

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