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Today’s video is going to be about F&AD. We’ll get into that in a second.

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So what is the F&AD?


The F&AD stands for Finance and Appraisal Deadline.

When we’re making an offering to a seller, or when a seller receives an offering from their buyer, it will specify in their offering when the deadline for having all the financing and all the appraisal details worked out.

What is Does Financing Mean in the F&AD?

So what does it really mean to have our financing worked?

Generally speaking, financing breaks down to cash, mortgages, or financing provided by the seller. There could be other creative financing that’s not in that list, but are equally viable.

We want to make sure that those are completely taken care of before the deadline.

What does Appraisal Mean in the F&AD?

The next thing is appraisal.

The appraisal and appraisers go and look at a home determine the value of the home.

Generally based on comps in the area and, taking those comps, determine a rough estimate, and I say rough because I’ve seen appraisals change, for the replacement value of the home.

We want to make sure at least in the offering that we know when the financing and Appraisal are done. If before that deadline, there are any complications, generally speaking, we ask that the contract or the offering be canceled. It doesn’t make sense for anyone to be obligated to a purchase that they can’t make, or that the property is not valued at what we’re offering

Granted, negotiations are always a part of the conversation.

With that said…

What happens if we try to cancel after that deadline?

Well, in a later video, we’ll talk about earnest money and what happens when we go over our deadlines.

But for this instance, generally speaking, there will be consequences to over-extending ourselves past or deadline and not being able to close the deal.

While finance and appraisal takes place mostly beyond our control (the agents, the buyers the sellers) and really is left to the financiers, it’s an important part of the real estate transaction.

At the end of the day, this is a transaction money is involved or value is exchanged.

Wrap Up

We hope this gives you a little bit of an understanding of the finance and appraisal deadline, or the F&AD, this being another section of the Real estate Jargon series.

I’m Alixander.

This is the SLC Real Estate Agency, broadcasting from KW Salt Lake City Keller Williams in Sugarhouse.

Thank you again for being with us on this journey as we…

and, ultimately, do our best to serve you.

From all of us here. Have a great day.

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